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Alberto Ojanguren Bergaz

He holds a Degree in Medicine and Surgery by the University of the Basque Country, a Diploma in Occupational Medicine by the National School of Occupational Medicine and is a Specialist in Occupational Medicine by the Complutense University of Madrid. He also has received additional training in Ergonomics, is a higher level Technician certified by Osalan in Occupational Medicine, Safety, Ergonomics and Psychosociology and Industrial Hygiene, and has completed a Master’s Degree in Emergency Management by the University of Valencia.

He worked as the Head of the Medical Service of Outokumpu Cooper Tubes for 10 years. In 1984 he joined the Port Authority of Bilbao, where he currently holds the position of Head of the Department of Health, Safety and the Environment. He has worked for 10 years as the Director of the training Institute of the Bizkaia Red Cross. He is currently a member of the expert committee for Occupational Risk Prevention in Puertos del Estado and Chairman of the Occupational Medicine section of the Bilbao Academy of Medical Sciences.